Gabriel Beristain

Gabriel Beristain, born in Mexico into a theatrical dynasty, is a well-known international cinematographer for motion pictures and television. Educated in the UK at the National Film and TV School, Beristain has become an accomplished director and producer. His recent credit as a cinematographer for Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ and his current film in production for Sony, ‘Harold and the Purple Crayon’, have not prevented him from engaging in other projects. He is currently working as a producer/director for ‘Tina Modotti’ in Italy, ‘Brooklyn Story’ in NY, ‘The Empire of Havana’ in Cuba and for his passion project ‘King Coal’ in Wales – a place he adores. As director, he has been involved with American episodic TV: ‘MacGyver’ and ‘Hawaii 5-0’. Currently his short ‘The Caddy’ with Ron Perlman is doing festival rounds as well as his documentary ‘Fidel Up Close’ on Fidel Castro. ‘E.L.I.’, a conceptual documentary, is in post production. Beristain is a member of the ASC, BSC, AMC, AMPAS, DGA and BAFTA LA. He lives in LA with his children Max 19 and Victoria 16.